Herman Neosho Rubicon School District

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4K Screening Day is set for Tuesday, February 21, 2017...please call the office at 920-625-3531 to schedule your appointment


What time does the school day start and end?
    *  Intermediate classes start at 7:55am, Parent Drop Off 7:40 or later.  Dismissal is 3:20.
    *  Elementary classes start at 8:15am, Parent Drop Off 7:55 or later.  Dismissal is 3:05
    *  Parents may drop off Elementary students at the Intermediate Building.  Last bus will leave at 7:53  am en-route to the Elementary School.
May my child eat breakfast at school?
    Yes!  We have a breakfast program with start times as follows:  Intermediate - 7:45, Elementary - 7:55