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District Administrator

Greetings HNR Families and Friends:

Welcome to our school district’s website and the District Administrator page.  Here at HNR Schools, we strive to provide a quality education while also maintaining family values.  Our climate and culture consist of teachers and students working together to maximize learning. We encourage professional development and have multiple opportunities to take student learning outside the classroom.  


Since consolidating three school districts during the summer of 2016, our staff has worked diligently to solidify policies and procedures.  We continually ask the question, “how will this decision impact students in a positive way?” We continue to find ways to improve our practice to help students while also teaching how to work through social situations.  Our district is a great place to live and learn. We welcome visitors and hope that you find the information contained within this website as a valuable resource.


My positions as the District Administrator wears many hats in a small school district.  I serve as the Superintendent which is similar to a company leader or CEO. I also serve as the Elementary Principal in which I oversee student academics, attendance and behavior as well as ensuring teachers have the resources they need to educate our students.  Another role I have is to serve as the Human Resource Officer and engage in Public relations. This centers around a healthy and committed staff and communications with local and state decision makers. All of these roles are centered around providing a quality education for our students and providing our staff and students alike, growth opportunities to improve our culture and become one of the best school districts in the state.


There are many other responsibilities that fall into my hands throughout the course of the year.  None of them could be accomplished if it wasn’t for the support of our Board of Education, Administrative Team, Teaching Staff, Support Staff and you, our greater community and family.  Your support helps in every aspect of the school district from academics to sports to financial stability. Thank you for your support and continued involvement in our school district. Should you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.  Thank you for the opportunity and your support for HNR Schools.


Dennis G. Kaczor

District Administrator



Marian University, Certification for Superintendent
UW - Whitewater, Master of Science-Business Education
University of Tampa, Bachelor of Science-Business Management
Superintendent (5003)
Director of Special Education (5080)
Principal (5051)
Business and Marketing Education 6-12 (1251, 1285)
Business and Office 9-12 (1281)
Keyboarding 4K-8 (1265)
Work Experience:
Principal, Adams-Friendship Middle School
Principal/AD, Hilbert High School
Associate Principal, Mosinee High School
Business Education Teacher/Coach, Mosinee High School
Business Education Teacher, Prairie du Chien High School