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Herman Neosho Rubicon
School District

Helping Your Reader Choose a Book For His/Her Reading Level

Teach your child the five finger rule. Have him open the book to any page and begin to read.
• If he misses five or more words on a page, the book is a challenge for him right now.
• If he doesn’t miss any words, the book is a breeze – the book may be too easy.
• If he misses three words, it is just right.
Listen to your child read the book to find out if it is too easy, just right, or too hard for her.
Too Easy:
• Does she know almost every word?
• Can she read it smoothly?
• Does she understand the story very well?
Just Right:
• Are there just a few words per page she doesn’t know?
• When she reads, are some places smooth and some choppy?
• Does she understand a lot of the book?
Too Hard:
• Are there more than 5 words on a page she doesn’t know?
• When she reads, does it sound too choppy?
• Is she confused about what is happening in most of the book?  (Adapted from on-line pdf, "SIG Reading Strategies")