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¡Hola Familias de HNR! 
My children are all raised so now it is just my husband and I.  I teach because I like teaching not because I need to work.  I really enjoy the Spanish language, its culture and teaching others about it, but I have to say, that was not where I thought I would end up teaching.  My desire was to be an elementary school teacher and teaching Spanish was not on my radar.  In fact, I was not the star student in my high school Spanish class and really didn't even like it much.  Long story short, after college and a few travels outside of the USA, it was obvious that Spanish would have to be part of my life career.  Knowing another language can open doors of opportunity; and like a good scavenger hunt one ever knows exactly what will be found.  Learning another language teaches us to become less self-focused and more other-focused.  We become more empathetic and compassionate toward other cultures and begin to see things as different instead of the wrong way.  I am excited about the Spanish program in the HNR district and consider it a privilege to be a teacher here.---¡Hasta Pronto!