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Herman Neosho Rubicon
School District

A Little About Me...

I am one of those lucky people who are passionate about their career. I can’t imagine my day to day life without teaching instrumental music! I enjoy young people and feel younger than I am because of them.


My love of music got its start when I learned to play the clarinet in the 5th grade. Once in high school I also took up the alto saxophone so that I could join the jazz ensemble. I attended Hartford Union High School, and like many others who have gone on to become band directors, was very inspired by my high school director. Because of my exceptional experience, sending middle school graduates on to Harford High School has very special meaning to me. Upon graduation, I attended UW Madison and UW Oshkosh for music education.


I have spent my entire teaching career in this district and in the current intermediate building.  Of the 16 years I have taught, 10 of them have included band, chorus and general music.  The last 5 years have been focused on 4th through 8th grade band. My goal is to challenge each student to achieve as much as possible, expose students to a variety of musical styles, develop relationships that foster our “band family”, give students a voice in decision making, and have as much fun making music as humanly possible.