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Herman Neosho Rubicon
School District


I have been working at the Neosho School Building for 8 years now in various roles. It is a great honor to work among this staff of talented and caring people who work to better lives every day! 
This year I have assumed the role of district Early Childhood:EEN teacher. I am working with a student in Mrs. Rodger's 4K classroom. I love teaching/entertaining and being entertained by children!!  I am also continuing in the role of Special Education Aide in the afternoons. 
I live in Cedarburg, WI and generally enjoy my long commute to work every day, snow not- withstanding. I have been married for 29 + years (to one guy!) and have two incredible daughters, 24 and 17. Currently we are pet-free and that's weird for my family! We have raised tadpoles into frogs, fish, praying mantises, hermit crabs, guinea pigs and Rhodesian Ridgebacks (large hound dogs). We enjoy hiking, camping, bird and squirrel- watching in our backyard, wildlife- watching and fishing. We vacation at my in-laws cottage on the Chippewa Flowage and enjoy "getting away from it all" there. When I am not thoroughly enjoying hanging with 4 year- olds and the other students at school, I enjoy reading, walking, church activities, spending time with family and friends, cooking, and one of my side-jobs, dog- sitting!
I like long walks on the beach, relaxing by a fire and listening to music. I don't like mosquitos, mice, or snow past December, but I love Wisconsin and will always be a Packer fan!! Go Packers!