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Herman Neosho Rubicon
School District

Personal Bio

The 2017-18 school year is my 31st with the HNR School District.  This will be my 9th year teaching 5th grade.  Prior to my current assignment I taught in the middle school setting of Grades 6-8.
My hope for all of my students is that they are prepared for 6th Grade, their middle school years and beyond.
Education has the great ability to open doors of opportunity for young people.  How one applies themselves over their educational journey will go a long way in determining the opportunities presented to them in the future.  During a students educational journey they hopefully come to find out that "hard work makes the impossible possible".  Though that journey isn't always easy and some may f.a.i.l. (first act in learning), in the end education is a powerful asset that no one can take away from you.
There is a phrase: "Opportunity is Nowhere"  For the negative thinker, they see road blocks in many places.  For the optimistic thinker this phrase changes by one space to "Opportunity is Now Here".  See the difference?  One little change can make all the difference in the world.
I hope to help my students with that "one little change".
I reside in Germantown with my family.  I enjoy being outdoors. May that be working in the yard, going for a walk, grilling Sheboygan/Miesfeldt's brats, or just relaxing.  My hobby/get away enjoyment is Strat-O-Matic baseball.  Hockey is also a favorite sport of mine to watch during the winter time.
My wife Mary of 29 years is employed by the Germantown School District in Food Service.  She is also employed at Sendik's Food Market in Germantown as a product demonstrator.  Finally and most importantly, she is a fantastic mom to our two sons.
Linden my oldest son is a senior at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.  He is majoring in International Hospitality and Service Management and will be graduating in May.  Linden enjoys singing, hiking, model trains, photography, hockey, and traveling.  
Reid my youngest son is a senior at Germantown High School.  He is planning on studying Radio and TV Broadcasting/Production in college next year at Lewis University.  Reid enjoys biking, photography, videography, tennis, and hockey.
Joy is our 8 year old Teddy Bear dog.  She enjoys keeping all of us in line, lounging, and just being a dog.