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Thursday E-News » 7th & 8th Grade Washington DC 2019 Trip

7th & 8th Grade Washington DC 2019 Trip

washington dc



June 6-8, 2019



If you have any questions, please contact me at

Chess Tournament Sign Up
Honor Intermediate is hosting this year’s Chess Tournament for the high school on Saturday, March 9. The DC kids will be running concessions. The concessions will be run out of the kitchen similar to the basketball tournament concessions, although it will be on a smaller level. We will be selling more than our basic concessions (hot dogs, chips, etc), but we are trying to keep our inventory costs and levels low, as this is the last event of the year. If we have a lot of excess product that we don’t sell, it eats into our profit. 
We will need 2 students and a parent at each shift. The first shift will include the set up. The last shift will include clean up. 
** If your child is in Chess Club and competing in the tournament, they will not be available to work a shift.
Please follow the link to the sign up sheet : 

Bake Sale for Basketball Tournament
In addition to earning money by working shifts, you can also earn money towards your account for donating baked goods. For each donation you bring in, you will earn one “credit” towards your trip. The value of the credits is dependent on the profits of the overall bake sale. The more donations we have, the better sales will be. From my experience, the years where we have high numbers and high varieties of baked goods, we make good money. This is a good option for students who aren’t available to work shifts. I will not be creating a sign up sheet for donations. Just bring them in if you make something. Make sure your name is recorded somewhere, so you get credit for bringing in your donation. 
** Also remember: We will need new baked goods each day of the tournament to keep our inventory fresh! Feel free to donate every day, or just once. 

Basketball Concessions Sign-up
A couple things to be aware of: 
  • Please be conscientious of all families. At first, only sign up for 1 or 2 spots. (If you have multiple children attending, you may choose 3-4). After a couple days, I will send another email if there are additional open spots. That will be first come- first serve. 
  • If your child plays basketball, they can still work concessions. Pay close attention to their game schedule. If they play a late game, they might be able to work an early shift, or vice versa.
  • Pay attention to the time slots. Depending on the night, there may be 2, 3, or 4 games being played so the concession shifts reflect that. 
  • Please write down the shifts you signed up for. I will not be sending out reminder emails. I often times don’t look who is working until the afternoon of the game. If your child is signed up, I really need them to show up. No-shows do not earn you money towards the trip, and sometimes it is difficult to find a last minute replacement. 
  • The Phoenix Full Court Challenge is Jan. 24-27. We will possibly be doing concessions Thursday the 24th, but the sign up won’t be out until closer to the date once we have a game schedule. The rest of the weekend, PTO runs concessions, but DC will run a bake sale. Keep that in mind. The more donations available, the more money there is to be made. 
Please follow the link to sign up.


January 3, 2019

Dear 7th / 8th Grade D.C. Trip Parents, & Families


I am writing to request a donation for our Basket Raffle / Spin the Wheel fundraiser scheduled for January 24th – 27th; during our Phoenix Full Court Challenge. This event is typically attended by about 300+ students, parents, grandparents, etc.  The event proceeds will help pay for the D.C. Students trip.


We would greatly appreciate any donation you can make. If you can only help with sending $5, we will take it!!!! No donation is too small!!!


Basket Raffle:

  • Gold Basket – all items Gold in color
  • Navy Basket – all Items Navy in color
  • Sports Baskets
      • Basketball
      • Softball
      • Soccer
      • Football
      • Tennis
  • Any Basket you would like to add the raffle


Spin the Wheel:

  • $5 Gift cards
  • Money towards buying $1 coupons to use at the concession stand
  • Any spare candy to donate for always walking away with a prize
  • Pens, pencils, crayons, art items, crafts, etc.…


Please send your item(s) to school to Mrs. Lindemann by January 22nd. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact either of us!

Thank you for your help!!!!



Cindy Keskimaki 262-227-1435,

Hannah Lindemann