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Use the following form to complete your scrip order.
Did you know that 2% of your total purchases from Scrip goes into a family account for you?!?
Why does this matter?  When your student is in 7th/8th grade, you can use these funds to pay for their Washington DC trip (est. cost $1,000) or their Wyalusing Camping Trip.
Scrip offers big earnings with no selling - it's fundraising while you shop!
Instead of relying on families to become salespeople like other fundraising ideas do, families fundraising with scrip are raising money simply by changing their method of payment.  They won't be spending extra time, energy, or money on your fundraiser.
Scrip fundraising is simply integrated into your everyday life.
The ONLY planning ahead you have to do is deciding what scrip you need to purchase. 
Things to know:
  • Complete the PDF or shop online at (click Join a Program and use Enrollment Code: 8733EC9B15261)
  • Orders and payments are due by 9 a.m. every Tuesday.
  • Make checks payable to Phoenix PTO.
  • Your order will be available by the end of the week.
  • For further questions contact Sandy Stommel at Honor Intermediate (262-673-2920)