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Herman Neosho Rubicon
School District

4th Grade with Ms. Birkholz

I'm happy that my learning community has grown!
After graduating from Drake University with a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree and a Science endorsement, I spent a year really learning to be a teacher by substitute teaching in Menomonee Falls, Sussex, and Arrowhead Area elementary and middle schools. The on-the-job training I received working for and with amazing teachers in those schools helped prepare me for my career at Saylesville School where I started teaching as a long-term substitute 4th grade teacher. The position turned into a permanent one, and I have been thankful for the opportunity to teach in Rubicon for many years and for the opportunity to continue teaching in Neosho at HoNoR Elementary! Shortly after arriving at Saylesville I began work toward my Master's degree with I received from Cardinal Stritch University after completing action research on science literacy in elementary schools.
While most of my teaching career has been spent with fantastic fourth graders, I have also enjoyed coaching middle school volleyball, working with K-8 students during summer school, and the adventure of teaching multi-age classrooms (3rd-5th and 4th-5th). I always enjoyed coordinating and helping students prepare for the annual Science Fair at Saylesville. Honoring the past by teaching about Wisconsin and U.S. history through a one-room school simulation and embracing the future by using 1:1 devices to supplement my students' learning have also been important to me.
Inspiring students to become confident and creative builders of their futures.
I know that HoNoR students will have many great ideas to share and plan to provide many opportunities for students to learn from one another as they proceed with their individual quests for knowledge. 
In addition to being a member of the HNR learning community, I also love spending time with my friends and family, traveling, reading, riding my bike and participating in cardio-kickboxing classes.

Recent Posts

STEAM Project Check Points for the Week of May 1

  • Bring in materials needed from home for project.
  • Set up investigations/conduct trials.
  • Research topic - take notes and record sources. 
  • Begin to list sources using Easy Bib (See Google STEAM Fair site).

STEAM Project Check Points for the Week of April 24

  • Bring in materials needed from home for project.
  • Begin setting up investigations/conducting trials.
  • Research topic - take notes and record sources.

Recyclables Needed for STEAM Project

Mr. Hornicle is asking students to bring in cardboard & other recyclables for their next STEAM Project: The Global Cardboard Challenge. Construction will start in two weeks.  There is a good start on material collection, but classes could use some more.
More information from Mr. Hornicle:
The goal of Global Cardboard Challenge is to create an arcade type game or any kind of game using cardboard and recycled materials. It was inspired by a 9 year old child in L.A. who started Caine's Arcade.  If you have an extra 8 minutes, here is a great YouTube clip that truly displays the power of imagination, social media, and a kind gesture from a stranger to a child.

Honor 4th Grades took part in a global Holiday Card Project. We were teamed up with 29 other classrooms from across the U.S. and Canada. Our classes created cards to send to the other schools, and we have been enjoying reading the information and tracking the location of the cards we've received.
Students needed to design a plan to build a dam that would protect the town of Gaveo from flash floods. The end results of that planning can be seen in the posted photos. Here is Design Team 1 with their completed dam.