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K-8 Special Education Teacher

K-8 Special Education Teacher
Honor Elementary and Intermediate School
The Special Education Teacher provides a safe and nurturing environment for children that encourages their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. The Teacher collaboratively plans and implements a developmentally appropriate curriculum for enrolled children and ensures quality, comprehensive child development services including education, health, nutrition, parent involvement, and necessary family support services and referrals. The Special Education teacher also serves as a case manager for identified children and ensures compliance with all IEPs assigned to the teacher.

Please apply on WECAN Vacancy ID #: 121908
Establishes a Safe and Healthy Environment
Follow DCF, safety procedures, and sanitization processes at all times
Ensures children are closely supervised at all times
Follows attendance / tracking procedures and maintains accurate attendance / tracking records at all times
Ensures the classroom is maintained in a safe, clean, orderly condition, and notifies appropriate school personnel of issues in need of address
Documents all injuries as required
Sanitary conditions are maintained at all times and performs routine sanitization as required
Safely secures toxic materials away from students

Effectively Plans for Developmentally Appropriate Student Outcomes
Implements developmentally appropriate curricula that reflect observations, assessments, and IEP goals of individual children
Participates in the curriculum planning meetings
Completes a weekly lesson plans
Plans and implements child-directed, child-initiated activities
Accurately documents and communicates children’s progress and performance

Social and Emotional Development
Cultivates a sense of community in the classroom and among students- communicates respect, shares knowledge of curriculum and practice and child development and learning
Communicates directly with each child at the child’s level
Engages and communicates constructively with individual children during activities and routines; takes every opportunity to positively extend children’s thinking and potential for learning
Is available and responsive to children
Speaks with children in a friendly, positive, courteous manner
Encourages and models social behavior and expectations that are developmentally appropriate
Acknowledges feelings with sensitivity and demonstrates appropriate expression of emotions

Program Management
Provides structure in the classroom by developing and clearly enforcing rules and expectations to ensure authentic learning opportunities for all students
Ensures quality, comprehensive services including academic, social, emotional, health and nutrition, and parent involvement for all students

Demonstrates understanding of the general areas of physical, social, cognitive and emotional development for designated age group
Collaborates with teachers to ensure appropriate modifications and accommodations for students with disabilities
Effectively assigns and supervises special education aides so as to ensure effective and appropriate support for identified students
Collaborates with Director of Pupil Services, Data, and Assessment to ensure effective IEPs, goal-monitoring, SDI, and classroom modifications and accommodations

Other Responsibilities
Participates in department, staff, and curriculum meetings
Participates a fully-collaborative and contributing member of the school community
Performs any and all other duties as prescribed by the District Administrator or Director of Pupil Services, Data, and Assessment
Contact Chris Nesemann
Phone: (920) 625-3531
Fax: (920) 625-3536
201 Center Street, Neosho, WI 53059