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Before & After School Care

Rules and Regulations

  1. Before and after-school care is $3.00 per hour per child.  You will be charged by the half hour.  Example: if a child is here from 3:05 - 4:35 the charge for the day is $4.50.  If a child is here from 3:05 - 4:45 the charge for the day is $6.00

  2. You may sign your child(ren) up for before and after-school care for as many days and as far ahead as you would like, with at least a one day notice to the supervisor. 

  3. For after-school care same day cancellations, the elementary school office must be notified.  You will be charged for one hour per child if no notice is given.

  4. You may drop your child(ren) off anytime between 6:30 am and 8:15 am using the designated before-school care door.

  5. You may pick up your child(ren) any time between 3:05pm and 6:00pm.  You must pick up your child(ren) by 6:00pm.  You will be charged $1.00 per minute per child for every minute after 6:00pm.

  6. The same behavior expectations and rules that we have for students during the school day are expected during the before and after-school care program.  A violation of established rules and expectations may result in consequences including, but not limited to, a warning, sitting out of an activity, a think sheet, or a call to a parent/guardian.  If a violation is judged by the teacher and administrator to be severe or chronic, the parent may be notified that the student will not be allowed to come to before or after-school care for an amount of time deemed appropriate by the teacher and administrator.