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HNR's 4K Screening Day is Thursday, February 21st

Honor Elementary 4K Screening Day is just around the corner! On February 21, 2019 we welcome parents and children to attend our 4K Screening Day. The purpose of this special day is to help our families in our community be aware of the developmental level of their child(ren), discuss any questions or concerns they may have about their child's development and/or upcoming 4K school experience, and to introduce them to our school and staff. We will have several different stations/activities throughout the morning where each child may participate. Our intent is to have the children feel welcome and excited for their first school experience next fall!

In addition to our 4K program, we offer a school district Four-Year-Old Kindergarten Wraparound option for our students from 11:30 AM - 3:05 PM. Our Wraparound program will include: recess, lunch, rest time, structured extended learning opportunities, snack time, and coordinated free play with academic centers.