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Spanish Essential Learning Outcomes

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Fifth Grade Spanish: An introduction 
In 5th grade students are exposed to the Spanish language through songs, games, and teacher lead oral listening activities.  Vocabulary topics presented: Days of week and months, Seasons,colors, classroom objects, pets, numbers 0-100, family, prepositions. 
Students will be able to interact in Spanish using very simple vocabulary.
Students will be able to ask someone their name, how they are doing, tell someone if they have a pet, where they are from and say what they like and dislike.
Sixth grade Spanish
The focus for 6th grade Spanish is for students to understand and use the following verbs to write and talk about themselves and others: Ser (to be) Estar (to be) ir (to go) tener (to have) Gustar (to like)
Students will be able to talk about themselves.  Describing what they are like physically, and what they like and dislike.
Students will be able to ask and answer common greeting questions.
Students will be able to say where they are and where they are going.
Students will be able to write a short paragraph about themselves using the following verbs: ser/estar/ir/tener.
Students will be able to recognize location of the Spanish speaking countries.
Students will be able to describe some traditions for Hispanic Holidays.
Seventh grade Spanish
The focus for 7th grade Spanish is to expand on Spanish learned in previous years while adding to their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. 
Students will be able to use a variety of verbs to talk and write about themselves and others.
Students will be able to read short paragraphs in Spanish.
Students will be able to write short paragraphs in Spanish.
Eighth grade Spanish
Students will expand on their use of present tense verbs,focusing on those that have spelling changes.
Students will continue to expand their ability to read and write in Spanish.
Students will self-explore the Spanish culture based on common holidays
Students will use knowledge acquired in previous years while expanding their understanding the Spanish language and culture.
Students will have completed level one Spanish if they have successfully completed Spanish in grades 6-8th.espanol


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Spanish Language Instruction


Why learn another language?

We live in a world that is an interwoven variety of cultures through a global economy, the internet, ease of travel, and multicultural people living in our communities.  It is becoming increasingly essential that our students are exposed to other languages and cultures. Spanish was chosen as the language of the district because, according to the Pew Research Center it is the most spoken non-English language in the USA*. Learning a language enhances listening and memory skills and promotes positive attitudes toward people of diverse backgrounds.  In addition, knowing two languages enhances one’s opportunities in the career world.